Wayne Erik Rysavy

Wayne Erik Rysavy, Ph.D., is a strategic communication specialist, as well as a writer, researcher, and educator specializing in new media, technology, and critical relational communication.

Wayne’s dissertation and future book, Haunted by Specters, Surrounded by Spectators: Law, Technology, and The Fragmentation of Identity, examines the role social media, imagery, and law play in shaping our understandings of public and private information. In particular, the work explores three case studies where imagery spiraled out of control and ultimately challenged the coherency and context of the individual(s) depicted, often with deadly consequences. Charting historic formations of public and private as conditions and practices, the work focuses on our contemporary moment where public and private increasingly collapse into one another through connective technology and social media that encourage individuals to interact and share in content. As individuals participate in creating, sharing, and categorizing content online, they not only perform and reproduce a kind of “digital commons” where all are encouraged to share/speak, they also contribute to nuanced practices of socialization and shaming that pose great harms to individuals when personal information is taken out of context.

This is the process of physically distanced organizing and social shaming online he calls “Crowdsourced Morality,” and it is this process informs the growing divisions we see among individuals, between citizens and authority figures, and even across political ideologies. To combat this growing problem, he argues that we must actively use connective technology to resituate presence and encourage greater physical engagement with one another.

Wayne has also written trade-specific articles that have appeared in Meeple Monthly and Game Trade Magazine, as well as character bios for Ninja Division’s smash hit, “Way of the Fighter.” As a Marketing Manager and Social Media Manager, Wayne has created, edited, and published numerous press releases, product descriptions, blog posts, and professional presentations. Wayne has also masterfully managed various social media platforms, maintaining a consistent, personable voice that encourages engagement and deescalates crises through clear communication.

When not writing for his blog, Wayne can be found running trails, reading fiction and reading about LGBT+ history, writing for a forthcoming podcast, taking nature and cityscape photos, attempting to play his guitar, or geeking out with his friends about Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Japan, and anime.

Wayne earned his Ph.D. in Communication Studies (New Media, Technology, and Critical Relational Communication) from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He earned his M.A. and B.A. in Mass Communication from Boise State University.